Why Quick Lube Technicians Love Having Fluid Evacuators in Their Shops

June 30, 2022

Does your shop do a lot of oil changes? Then you need a fluid evacuator. Otherwise, you may have to turn away customers. 

Quick lube franchises recognize the role fluid evacuators play regarding unconventional oil changes. Here’s why technicians consider this equipment essential.

Underside vs. Topside Oil Changes

Quick lube technicians usually does an oil change underneath the vehicle. They remove the plug, drain the oil, change the filter, and replace the plug from the bottom. Then, they put in new oil from the top. 

However, during a topside oil change, the quick lube technician does most of the work from above the engine. He or she will use a fluid evacuator to remove the old oil then pour in new oil. However, he or she may still have to go under the car to change the oil filter.

Why Quick Lube Technicians Are Doing Topside Oil Changes

Quick lube technicians can avoid problems associated with drain plugs when they perform topside oil changes. They don’t have to worry about potentially damaging a drain plug or dealing with another shop’s screwup from a previous service.

Cars with skid plates make oil changes more difficult because quick lube technicians have to remove them to get to the oil drain plugs. A topside oil change alleviates this issue and can save a significant amount of time. Plus, newer European vehicles don’t even have drain plugs anymore.

How Fluid Evacuators Help Quick Lube Technicians Change Oil

With a fluid evacuator on hand, quick lube technicians can service any vehicle coming into the bay. They don’t have to turn away business because they’re limited to traditional oil change methods that require going underneath a car in a pit.

Auto shop technicians can also benefit from fluid extractors. If all the lifts are busy, they can easily change the oil of a vehicle topside without waiting until one of those areas to free up before turning away the customer.

Knowing they have this equipment on hand means they never have to turn down an oil change because of a troublesome oil plug, lack of an oil plug, or busy bays.

JohnDow’s fluid evacuators and extractors remove used oil and other fluids from any vehicle when conventional draining methods are not practical. Check out some options here.

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