Why is the TPMS light on My Dashboard Flashing?

July 8, 2022

A flashing Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) indicator light on a vehicle's dashboard means the TPMS is experiencing a system malfunction. This is the time to look at your TPMS and go through a few scenarios to decipher the problem.

First, did you recently have your tires serviced? If so, make sure a tire technician inspects the tires to determine if any damage occurred to the tire pressure sensors during the most recent tire service.

If all tire pressure sensors are undamaged and properly mounted, the next thing to check for is the functionality of the TPMS sensors themselves. TPMS tire pressure sensors may fail prematurely due to corrosion or damage from certain kinds of collisions.

TPMS sensors eventually fail over time when the battery inside the TPMS sensor assembly dies. When a TPMS sensor requires replacement, the TPMS warning indicator will continue to flash until TPMS relearn programming is complete. Read more about TPMS relearning here.

The TPMS light on your dashboard may flash for other, more difficult reasons. For example, a lost signal from a TPMS sensor can occur for a number of reasons including radio frequency interference from other devices, or a failing TPMS control unit. Make sure to visit a repair facility to properly diagnose the problem.

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