What Size Oil Drain Does My Shop Need?

April 19, 2022

You’re looking for an oil drain to put in your shop, but you’re not sure how big it needs to be. You need to make your decision based on the way your business operates, so here’s how to select the right oil drain size for your shop.

Why Would I Need a Large (20+ gallons) Oil Drain?

You should invest in a large oil drain if changing oil is the main focus for your shop. A 25-gallon or 27-gallon oil drain would be ideal if you do a significant amount of oil changes on a typical day. You may even want to consider having multiple oil drains if oil changes are your primary service.

When Should I Use a Small (under 20 gallons) Oil Drain?

You need to go with a small oil drain if your shop’s specialty is something besides oil changes (such as brakes and alignments). An 8-gallon or 18-gallon oil drain would be more suitable in this case. A small oil drain is a more affordable option for lower-volume repair shops, or even for DIYers at home.

How do I Choose Between a Steel or Poly Oil Drain?

Steel oil drains hold up well and can last a long time. But if you’re working on higher-end or specialty vehicles, you may want to consider a poly oil drain. If a technician bumps an expensive car with a steel oil drain, there could be damage left behind.

The Bottom Line

The capacity you choose depends on your business focus. If oil changes are your main service, you need a large oil drain—possibly several of them. If your specialty is in another area, you can get by with a smaller oil drain.

Our line of oil drains come in a range of sizes. Take a look at our full offering here.

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