Top Six Service Parts Categories Needed in Auto Repair Shops

August 2, 2022

It's important to have service parts on hand and easy to find for your technicians. Most of the inexpensive service parts are available in kits or assortments and contain the most popular parts used every day. Technicians who use Dynamic's popular assortment and kits find peace of mind knowing they have the right small part to complete the job.

Here are the top six service part categories every auto repair shop should have on hand:

Drain plugs NEW gray icon Wheel Hardware gray icon Fuses Gray Icon

Oil Drain Plugs & Gaskets
Don’t risk a leaking drain pan or even worse an “oil shower” by not replacing worn or stripped oil drain plugs and gaskets. Drain plug gaskets need replacement each time you remove the oil drain plug.

Wheel Hardware
All tire shops need a wheel stud assortment and a lug nut assortment on hand. A stripped wheel stud or lost lug nut is inevitable. Lugs nuts are replaced 10:1 compared to wheel studs.

Newer cars use a variety of fuses. The standard ATM and ATO are still the most popular, but new types like Micro2, Micro3 and low profile are gaining popularity. Having an auto fuse assortment with the popular plug-in fuses is a must.

Electrical Terminals GRAY icon

Brake Line Fittings GRAY icon

Retainer Clip Icon GRAY

Electrical Terminals
A heat shrink terminal assortment or vinyl-insulated terminal assortment handles most routine auto electrical repairs. Choose an assortment containing a variety of different terminals i.e. rings, spades, butt connectors and disconnects.

Brake Line Fittings
Brake line repair and replacement has gotten easier with the use of coiled brake line and new bending/flaring tools. A brake line fitting assortment that includes tube nuts, union and adapters is a good investment.

Retainer Clips
A number of repairs require removing door and trim panels, shields, hood insulation, etc. Having a retainer clip assortment on hand helps avoid a last minute trip to a dealership or parts store to find a retainer to complete the job.

 Looking for assortments to keep in your shop? We have several assortments available in hard plastic cases so you don't have to halt a repair because you don't have a small part. Check out our application guide to match the make, model, and year of the vehicle to the correct small part replacement.
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