The Benefits of Auto-Check Technology in Oil Drains

June 9, 2022

Many shops choose self-evacuating oil drains because they eliminate the need for extra equipment or a diaphragm pump system.

A special feature that comes with JohnDow Industries (JDI) Equipment’s self-evacuating oil drains is Auto-Check Technology.

Here’s how this distinction sets our products apart from the rest.

What is a Self-Evacuating Oil Drain?

A self-evacuating oil drain uses shop air to push used oil out of the drain when it’s full. The other option is a pump-assist oil drain, which uses diaphragm suction to pull used oil from the drain. Self-evacuating drains tend to be the preferred style because they keep shop expenses and equipment purchases to a minimum.

What is Auto-Check Technology?

JDI Equipment’s Auto-Check Technology is exclusive to our self-evacuating oil drains. It utilizes a check ball in the bottom of the downtube to automatically seat up when shop air is hooked up to the drain. No one else’s drains work this way.

What are the Benefits of Auto-Check Technology?

Auto-Check Technology eliminates the need for a large ball valve in the downtube. It also makes emptying the drain much easier for the shop technician. There’s no need to remember to close the ball valve when hooking up shop air. This avoids oil geysers that most shops have experienced at one time or another when using other self-evacuating oil drains.

The Bottom Line

This feature eliminates the process of opening and closing manual ball valves with an automatic pressure valve at the bottom of the downtube. It makes automatic drain evacuation easier and safer for your shop technicians. 

JDI Equipment offers an extensive line of oil drains and fluid handling equipment with quality workmanship and innovative features. Take a look at all of our self-evacuating oil drains with Auto-Check Technology here.

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