Stressing the Importance of TPMS Tire Valve Maintenance

January 10, 2023

Even though Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) tire valves and their service kits are small, they are essential components of a vehicle's tire maintenance system and play a crucial role in proper TPMS functionality and safety. Let’s explore the components of these service kits, and the importance of maintaining these components.

First off, we need to understand OEMs recommend replacement of valve stem components every time the tire is serviced on vehicles with TPMS, including tire replacement.

What’s in a Service Kit

Service kits typically include a valve core, valve cap, and valve stem seal. The nickel-plated valve core is the small, spring-loaded component inside the valve that controls the flow of air in and out of the tire. The valve cap is a small, threaded cap on top of the valve to protect it from dirt, moisture, and other contaminants. The valve stem seal is a rubber gasket that seals the gap between the valve stem and the rim of the tire and finally the metal Hex nut, which can corrode and allow leak paths to the valve. Some service kits will have a metal washer to conform to the rim during installation.

Explaining Tire Valve Maintenance

Properly functioning tire valves are essential for sustaining the proper tire pressure while also ensuring safety and maximizing fuel efficiency. Additionally, regular maintenance of tire valves can help prevent leaks and prolong the life of the tires.

When performing a service on a vehicle’s tire(s), it’s important to emphasize the importance of tire valves to your customer. Since these valves are a wear-and-tear item, explain this rule of thumb: always replace the tire valves whenever replacing/repairing their tires. Make sure to explain how to check the valve stems, and often (like when checking the air in their tires).  

Properly functioning and regularly maintained TPMS tire valves are crucial for the safety and handling of a vehicle, as well as for maximizing the life of the sensor, fuel efficiency and prolonging proper tire wear on the tires. Make sure to stock TPMS service kits and valve replacements for the vehicles you service. Check out all the service kit and valve options Dynamic offers!

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