Should I Crush Used Oil Filters Before Disposal?

July 15, 2022

There are environmental regulations that affect the disposal of used oil filters. But do you have to crush them? Can’t you just shake them out a little bit and then throw them in the trash?

Here’s what you need to know about crushing and disposing of used oil filters.

How Do You Crush a Used Oil Filter?

A crushing or puncturing device is needed. The most common method is using an oil filter crusher, which removes greater than 95% of the residual oil from the filter. This makes disposal much safer for the environment.

Should I Crush Used Oil Filters Before Disposing of Them?

Yes. However, it depends on your local laws and regulations. Most states require greater than 85% of the used oil must be drained or removed from the filter before disposal. You can’t just turn the filter upside down and let the oil trickle out. This will not remove greater than 85% of the residual used oil in the filter.

Do I Need a Stand and Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) for a  Oil Filter Crusher?

A stand and FRL are not needed if:

  • your shop currently has a place to mount the crusher; and 
  • a proper air line with Filter Regulator Lubrication (FRL) is in place. 

Water in air lines is not a good thing for oil crushers or other air-operated equipment. We recommend a separate FRL for the oil filter crusher to maintain clean air and ensure the proper air pressure is always used.

The Bottom Line

Just letting the filter drip won’t remove the amount of the residual used oil that’s required by most states.

Our oil filter crushers are the best solution for the storage and disposal of used oil filters. Take a look at our options here.

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