Preparing Your Shop for Winter Tire Change Season

October 20, 2022

You don’t want to deal with broken equipment or a lack of inventory at the height of your busiest service season. Now is the time to get ready for the rush. 

Here are three ways to prepare your shop for winter tire change season.

Inspect Your Equipment

When your shop is full of customers, the last thing you want is equipment to go down and bring a job or your entire shop to a standstill. Take the time to inspect your tools and equipment early on to make sure everything is working correctly. 

Evaluate equipment such as oil drains, fuel caddies, fluid evacuators, tire changers, and wheel balancers for potential problems. Fixing these issues now will prevent costly downtime later.

Check Your Ventilation 

In the summer months, ventilation is not much of a concern because most shops leave their doors wide open during business hours. However, as colder weather sets in and the shop doors go down, your focus turns to exhaust extraction.

When using an exhaust extraction system, your hoses need to be in good shape to prevent emissions exposure, so check them for damage. Consider a portable exhaust system such as the EV-5100 that captures vehicle fumes and discharges them safely up to 30’ away.

Stock Your Inventory

After you inspect your equipment and check your ventilation, be sure to stock your shop supplies inventory for the upcoming season. You don’t want to leave your customers hanging because of the ongoing supply chain issues.

Order plenty of TPMS parts such as sensors, valves, and kits now. Have plenty of tire storage bags on hand so you can store customers’ summer tires without getting dirty. Invest in tire taxis to help technicians maneuver easily around the shop without throwing out their backs.

Are You Ready?

Inspecting your equipment, checking your ventilation, and stocking your inventory enables you to capitalize on every money-making opportunity that rolls through the door. 

JohnDow Service Equipment and Dynamic Back Shop Supplies can help you prepare for the rush with our Equipment, Service Parts, and TPMS Solutions.

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