In Case of Emergency: 3 Products Customers Need in Their Homes

June 23, 2022

Your customers should have emergency kits in their cars if they get stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. But what about disaster supplies in their homes in the event of a power outage?

Here are three products your customers need to have on hand when they lose electricity.


Many factors can contribute to power outages—most are related to weather. Even though crews prepare for hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms, the full impact of a natural disaster is unknown until after it happens. So there’s no way of knowing when crews can restore electricity.

A generator enables your customers to keep essential appliances and devices running until power comes back on. Whether the outage lasts one hour or one week, they’ll have peace of mind knowing they have an alternate power source.

Fuel Caddy

A generator needs fuel to operate. However, if your customers only have the five-gallon can they usually use to fuel up the lawnmower, they’ll have to go to the gas station every few hours or so to keep the generator running.

A portable poly fuel caddy provides a more efficient method of storing and transferring fuel. With fifteen and twenty-five gallon capacities, your customers can store enough fuel in a caddy to keep a generator running for days instead of hours.


Once your customers have a dependable generator with plenty of backup fuel, they’ll have some decisions to make. They can’t plug everything in their home into the generator. They’ll likely make food storage and medical equipment their top priorities.

Advanced Lighting Systems (ALS) offers several battery-powered lights to allow your customers to see in the dark without using an outlet on the generator. Whether it’s a headlamp for detailed work or a spotlight for a large area, every ALS light offers excellent battery life and durability. Built for use in construction and work sites, these lights withstand harsh conditions such as natural disasters.

3 Products Your Customers Need in Their Homes

Now you can tell your customers about three products they need in their home emergency kits. With a generator, fuel caddy, and ALS lights, they’ll feel more comfortable while waiting for power to return.

JohnDow Service Equipment can help keep your shop stocked with fuel caddies and ALS lights. Contact us or find a distributor today!

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