How to Choose the Right Fuel Caddy

June 15, 2022

You use a lot of fuel and you don't want to use a bunch of gas cans anymore. You start looking for alternatives and find fuel caddies that hold double-digit gallons -- perfect! But now how do you choose the right gas or diesel caddy? That depends on what you want to accomplish. Here are the different types of fuel caddies and what they’re designed to do.

What Kinds of Fuel Caddies are Available?

You will see several fuel caddies on the market today, but there are two main fuel container types to be aware of and look for: UL listed steel fuel caddies and UN/DOT-approved poly fuel caddies.

When Do I Need a UL Listed Steel Gas Caddy?

You need a UL listed steel fuel caddy when you’re temporarily store fuel in your shop. If you’re working on a vehicle fuel system, you need a product that’s been tested rigorously and will hold up in a shop setting. Otherwise, you’re dealing with a fire hazard.

A UL listed fuel caddy features flame arresters on the openings, grounding cables, non-sparking foot plates, and fill gauges. This type of fuel caddy will pass Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and fire marshal inspections.

When Should I Use a UN/DOT Approved Poly Fuel Caddy?

You should use a UN/DOT-approved poly gas caddy when you’re going to transport fuel on public roads. The label means the fuel caddy was approved by the United Nations (UN) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). This packaging is a universal means of ensuring safe transport of dangerous materials.

When you’re transporting more than five gallons of fuel, most municipalities require a UN/DOT-approved container. If you don’t have the right fuel caddy, you could find yourself in trouble with local law enforcement. You also get peace of mind knowing your container is safe.

The Bottom Line with Fuel Caddies

If you’re replacing a fuel pump and need to temporarily store fuel in your shop, you need a UL listed steel fuel caddy. If you’re taking fuel on the road, like for a fun weekend ATV trip, you must use a UN/DOT-approved poly fuel caddy.

JohnDow Industries Equipment has UL listed steel gas caddies and UN/DOT-approved poly fuel caddies to meet your needs. Check out our full line of fuel caddies here.

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