How to Choose an Oil Drain Plug Wisely

October 6, 2022

Just because an oil drain plug has the same thread pitch doesn’t mean you can use it in any vehicle.

Different oil drain plugs and Gaskets are required for different vehicles. Drain plugs & gaskets vary from make, model, and even year. We recommend always checking your owners manual or any parts lookup like our Application Search to find the right drain plug.

All drain plugs are not the same because all drain pans are not the same.

OE manufacturers have different designs when it comes to their vehicle, so naturally, oil drain pans, drain plugs and gaskets are different too. Oil drain pans differ from make/model/year, and some are metal, and some are plastic. Even the smallest difference can cause bad fitment and create bigger problems.

When choosing a drain plug or gasket, make sure it is the same fit, form and function as the OE. Check the owners manual or any parts lookup to make sure you have the right one.

Now you know not just any oil drain plug will do. You have to make sure it has the same characteristics as the OE oil drain plug or else it could create issues for the vehicle owner down the road. 

For a wide choice of OE-style oil drain plugs, gaskets, and application information, click here.

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