How To Avoid Catastrophes By Properly Handling Fuel In Your Shop

January 27, 2023

Here’s a headline you may have seen:

Fire Heavily Guts Broadway Garage
An intense fire destroyed most of a downtown car repair garage owned by the same family for decades. Mechanics were replacing the gas tank on a car when a spark from a welder ignited gasoline fumes.

If you think this can’t happen to you, think again. Today’s auto repair shops frequently remove or drain gasoline tanks to replace the fuel pump, service the fuel pump, replace the tank because of damage, or to remove contaminated fuel. Performing these services safely and efficiently requires you to follow the proper procedures and use approved fuel handling equipment.

There are many standards, and safety regulations you must abide by when dealing with flammable liquids like gasoline. These include:

  • OSHA Standards

  • Choosing the right gas caddy to handle this type of fuel

  • Gasoline handling & safety guidelines including ignition source control, and fuel removal/ storage

We’ve broken down what you need to know in our e-Book What You Don’t Know Can Burn You: How to Avoid the Unknown Dangers of Handling Fuel in Your Shop. This e-Book will show you the best practices for handling gasoline and other fuels in your service department and bring you up to speed on the available equipment, certification requirements, and the impact improper fuel handling can have on you and your shop. To read the FREE e-book, click here.

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