Getting Your Shop Ready for Summer Tire Changeover Service

April 12, 2022

Spring is here. It’s time to put away the boots and break out of your cabin fever.

It’s also time for customers to come into your shop to store their winter wheels and start driving on summer tires.

Here’s what you need to know about changing your customers’ tires from winter to summer and educating them on the process.

Why are There Different Tires for Winter and Summer?

Winter tires are designed to increase safety when temperatures dip. Summer tires are made to enhance protection once the temperature rises. Your customers should be informed that when they use the specific type of tires designated for the appropriate season, they optimize the performance of their tires.

When & Why Should We Switch From Winter to Summer Tires?

Winter tires can wear out if your customers drive on them in prolonged hot conditions. However, if they live where snowfall can linger into spring, they may need to wait a while before making the change. When temperatures are consistently above 45°F, that’s when it’s safe to switch to summer tires.

When & Why Should We Switch From Summer to Winter Tires?

Summer tires have a lower rolling resistance than winter tires. However, your customers don’t need to wait for flakes to start falling in the later months before making the switch. They should make the change to winter tires when temperatures stay below 45ºF consistently.

What About All-Season Tires?

All-season tires offer an in-between level of tread and grooves for both seasons. They’re also made of material that can stiffen up as temperatures decrease. If a customer has all-season tires, they won’t need tire changeover service in the spring and fall. Though seasonal tires may perform better, driving year-round on all-season tires is better than using winter tires in the summer or vice versa.

Get Ready for Summer Tire Changeover Service

To ensure maximum performance and proper care, your customers should drive on summer tires when temperatures are consistently above 45°F. You can switch their vehicles to winter tires when temperatures are consistently below 45°F.

JohnDow Dynamic can help make your summer tire changeover process more efficient. We have tire taxis that make moving tires faster and tire storage bags to keep seasonal tires protected when not in use. Check out what we have to offer here.

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