What are common TPMS Issues?

March 2, 2022

When a vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) status warning indicator turns on and stays illuminated, a thorough check of the system is warranted. The most common TPMS issue is a lost signal from a tire pressure sensor. Lost TPMS signals are frequently caused by damaged or corroded tire pressure sensors. Lost TPMS signals are also frequently caused by a dead battery contained within a tire pressure sensor unit.

The functionality of a tire pressure sensor can be diagnosed using a tool designed to test its response signal. TPMS issues caused by faulty tire pressure sensors can be resolved by replacing the TPMS tire pressure sensor assemblies on the affected tires.

Once a vehicle’s tire pressure sensors have been tested for proper functioning, further diagnostic checks will be required to uncover other potential causes for lost TPMS signals. The causes can be numerous, including (but not limited to): a damaged or shorted antenna on a wheel, faulty wiring between the antenna and the TPMS module, EMI (electromagnetic interference) from another source, failure due to integration with a malfunctioning key-less entry system or an improperly executed relearn procedure after tire installation has occurred, etc.

Finally, a lost TPMS signal could also be due to a faulty TPMS module itself.  Because TPMS issues can be difficult to diagnose, experts recommend consulting with a trustworthy automotive repair shop, to resolve any TPMS issues that occur with your vehicle.

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