Are $1 Service Parts Costing You Thousands of Unnecessary Dollars?

August 25, 2022

As the saying goes “the little things can add up.”  These "little things," or small parts used every day when servicing vehicles – lug nuts, oil drain plugs, fuses, nuts and bolts – can add up, costing you thousands. How does this happen?

Profit and productivity take a hit when these inexpensive service parts are not readily available. Trying to locate, source or wait for delivery of these items results in three big problems: wasted technician time, idle service bays and lost profit.

Consider this example:

Average service sales per bay, per hour:
Hours per week bay is idle waiting for parts:
Lost service bay revenue per week:
Lost service bay revenue per year (x 52 weeks): 
Average net profit:
Lost profit per year:
Number of service bays:

Total lost profit – all bays per year:

2 hours


For a very modest cost, a service shop can have these parts on hand and readily available to use. Most of these general service parts come organized in inexpensive kits and assortments. Take a look at your operation, see what you need, make the investment, and increase your profit. Learn more about these small parts at
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